Wedding Photographer - 2nd Shooter


Darren is available to other Professional Photographers as a 2nd Shooter for Weddings, so why not add a 2nd Shooter as an option for your couples?


Here are a few quick dot points on why you should consider adding Darren as a 2nd Shooter:

  • He loves to focus on candid shots that show the true joy and emotion of the day.

  • Darren has a very good eye, and adds another dimension to the shoot.

  • He respects both the shoot and the clients as yours.

  • Darren is happy to take direction.

  • He is also a great help with whatever is needed on the day - lugging gear, setting up lights etc...

  • It's far easier to tick off your "Shot List" when there is less pressure on you for all the Candids.

  • You end up with a far bigger gallery of keepers and hero shots with a 2nd Shooter.

  • The RAW images can quickly and easily be downloaded to your portable hard drive at the end of the shoot, so all the images can be processed in the same way, and at the same time.

Feel free to reach out to Darren, he'd love to have a chat on how he can help your Wedding Photography Business.

Small Weddings

If you are easy going, and like a relaxed, photo journalistic/candid style of photo shoot, Darren also shoots small intimate weddings of 25 guests or less.

Last Minute Wedding Photographer

If COVID has struck and you need a replacement Photographer at the last minute, Darren will help if he is available. You will however need to like a relaxed, photo journalistic/candid style of photo shoot...